Racing Hearts

Racing Hearts is a unique organisation in Australia which provides Equine Assisted Therapy programs to both groups and individuals. Racing Hearts has revolutionised the industry by giving retired racehorses a new purpose through retraining and integration into therapy programs. It's a win-win approach: humans helping horses, who in turn help humans.

Founded by the incredible Lisa Coffey in 2018 Racing hearts has rehabilitated over 100 horses to date.

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What is Racing Hearts?

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Advocating for Racing Hearts Is super important to me for numerous reasons:

I am passionate about spreading awareness for mental heath and autism awareness. As someone who has struggled with mental health and watched people close to me deal with depression and anxiety. The incredible work of the racing hearts charity lightens this load and offers a sanctuary for those battling mental health issues. Offering services that support those in need in the community is incredible.

Now, I've always loved getting glammed and going to the races, but have definitely always wondered what happens after? Well Racing Hearts provides the answer. Rehabilitating over 100 horses in just 5 years with plenty more to come. I believe THAT is something worth advocating for.

Two vital issues are tackled with this one incredible charity, I feel absolutely honoured to be able to support them on this adventure!


Donations contribute to the health, welfare and rehabilitation of the retired racehorses that come into Racing Hearts care.

Racing Hearts is Australia's first Equine Assisted Therapy practice of its kind, rehabilitating retired racehorses.

Their Reset Program, catering to horses with special needs, has successfully rehabilitated over 100 retired racehorses in partnership with Racing Victoria.


OF COURSE YOU CAN!! Click the "Donate Here" button above to be taken to the racing Hearts Website

  • $25 feeds one horse for one day

  • $50 provides a halter and lead for one horse

  • $80 provides a hoof trim for one horse required every 6-8 weeks

  • $100 provides worming treatment for one horse for one year

  • $100 provides physio and chiro care for one horse. This is usually required 2-3 times per year

  • $120 provides dental care for one horse for one year

  • $120 provides one rug for one horse

  • $160 provides a set of shoes for one horse. This is required every 6-8 weeks.

  • $300 provides a full set of rugs for one horse.

Horse Healing

Horse therapy is not just horsing around!

These majestic creatures are not just for riding; they have a healing touch, especially for those dealing with various challenges.

Research shows that bonding with horses can spur emotional and memory centers of the brain, leading to better treatment outcomes.

Participating in certain exercises with horses can create new neural pathways and promote healthy coping mechanisms.

The horse-human connection releases hormones that bring on relaxation and positive vibes, making it easier for clients to express themselves.

So, saddle up and let the healing begin!