About Us

What is PYP?

Pack Your Pony is an Australian label designed and created by Payton Ellicott. Each collection is influenced by Australian flora, fauna, landmarks and infrastructure.

PYP is about inclusivity, inspiring adventure and encouraging individuality to ensure everyone feels part of the narrative.

From beach to bar and tennis court to coffee—being functional and aesthetic is a vital part of PYP. It's important to master all tasks in beautiful yet comfy clothes and accessories.

Adventure and fun is what it's all about. So come along and Pack Your Pony; we are going on an adventure.

About Me

I'm Payton. As a plus sized gal myself, I'm all about inclusivity. I've struggled to find beautiful clothing that suits my figure and makes me feel true to myself.

Clothing is important; it's about expressing what's on the inside. Looking good and feeling better is what it's all about. Life is short, so don't suffer in boring, uncomfy, crap clothing.

I am a firm believer that all shapes and sizes deserve to be celebrated. So come along and Pack Your Pony; this is the beginning of the adventure. 

P xx

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We are going on an adventure